Malaysian Students' Association at the University of Toronto

Thank you so much for all the members who participated in our Art Competition and also for those who were voting! We would like to congratulate Anna Sabrina and Maryam Muhammad for the winning the Best Art! 

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Thank you so much for all of your amazing submissions! 
You can vote for your favorite artwork in the form uploaded at the end of this post! Two winners will be announced soon. 
The names of the submitters are not displayed here to reduce any bias in voting. Once the winners have been annoucned we will disclose the person behind each of these amazing artwork! :D

Vote down here!

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This day we have our very own MASAT members sharing their experiences and what they have learnt while searching for a job in Toronto!

Third Culture post by our 2017/18 Cultural Officer  Nurbasyirah Mazlan!

This is how MASAT welcomes a new academic year! 

(Poster was designed by Nurin Suhaimi. Pictures were taken by Nurin Suhaimi, Amier Faudzi, and Nicholas Ker Jun Liew)
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(Calendar was designed by MASAT's Media Officer, Nurin Suhaimi)

Introduction to Malaysian culture is a project made by our 2017-2018 Cultural Affairs Officer, Nurbasyirah Mazlan in an effort to educate our fellow Malaysians here in Canada as well as our non-Malaysian friends about the beauty of Malaysian culture. The posts will be updated once every month, so stay tuned! 

(Poster/Animation was designed by Nurin Suhaimi)

(posters and pictures were taken by Nurin Suhaimi)
Event report for Graduation Dinner that was held on 22 May 2017. 

For more pictures taken on this event, you can click HERE

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(All posters/animations were done by Nurin Suhaimi)  
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