Malaysian Students' Association at the University of Toronto

Sunday, September 16, 2012

3-in-1 BBQ Event

MASAT held its first event this for this term; the annual BBQ event, which was held to welcome our new students. Welcome to Toronto. And since today is "Hari Malaysia" (Malaysia Day), the 49th year now.

Around 3 pm, people started coming in, helping to set up the tables, barbecue sets, etc. The menu for today was grilled chicken, sausages and refreshments. Enjoying the food, everyone had fun meeting with old and new friends.

Later, our president Wen Cheng Chong gave a speech and presented MASAT's new committee to all attendees. The new and old students then; one by one introduced themselves; followed by round of applause for each of them.

There's mooncake too; to celebrate the Mooncake Festival which happens to be at this time of year.

Around 7pm, everyone packed and left, full and happy.

To our new students; WELCOME TO TORONTO!

To the one's celebrating; HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL!


photo credit: Farah Aziz

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