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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Deepavali Valthukel from MASAT!

On the 25th of October, MASAT organized a Diwali brunch get together. Diwali, also known as Deepavali, or the festival of lights is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn. It is a celebration of light’s triumph over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. There are many preparation and rituals related to the festival but we celebrated it the way most Malaysians celebrate any events; good food and even better companies.

Madras Masala
The get together was held at Madras Masala restaurant, located along Bloor Street right next to Christie Pits Park. The restaurant was adequately cozy (read: barely) to fit in all attendees. The place specializes in South Indian Cuisine and presented a number of familiar food items to us Malaysians such as Biryani, Chicken Curry and Dosa (Thosai). Some of you might have been wondering what the difference between Southern and Northern Indian cuisine is. The answer is simple, as Jeeva Velayutham (expert on Indian cuisine) said, “Yang Southern is yang orang Malaysia makan la. Northern tak sedap sangat (The Southern is the ones that Malaysians are used to eating. As for the Northern it might taste funny because we are not used to eating it)".

Look at that Thosai (Dosa) - so big
Everyone enjoying their afternoon meal
Although quite small as compared to its sister shop, the Banjara next door, the food that rolled out of Madras Masala's kitchen was heavenly. Of course we never tasted the food in Banjara to begin comparing, but when you see smiles and happy conversations all around while eating, you know for a fact that everybody was satisfied. The spice and aroma will entice you in and the taste will seal the deal. A bit of warning though, the restaurant is too generous in their portion, so don’t be surprised with the price they charge you. With their portion you can easily share it between two people and still have a full belly. Unfortunately most of us didn’t know this and in the end we have to tapau (takeaway) the leftovers.

After our meal, it’s time to go back home. However, since the weather was nice and all, we decided to take a detour to Christie Pits Park for a photo shoot with the awe-inspiring autumn colors. 

Like always, group photo!
Enjoying the fall

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