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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graduation Dinner and Farewell Video

Another event held by MASAT last night to appreciate our graduating students. Around 25 attendees (students and parents) attended the dinner which is held in Hart House. Hope everyone had a great time, and enjoyed the great meal served.

During the dinner, a farewell that I've been talking about before is showed to the guests. An interesting memorandum from the juniors to the graduates. Here is the video;

A very insightful video. And now some pictures from the dinner. Credit to Aiman Azlan for capturing all the moments.

Arrangement of the dinner.

From left: Jin Yong, Arif, and Tsuey. Far back: Safwan.

From left: Jin Yong, Kamil, Arif and Safwan. 

And a group photos.

You can browse through other images on MASAT Facebook. Here's the link to the album:  
1st MASAT Graduation Dinner (June 15, 2011).

I ended this post with an interesting quote / wish from our previous President; 
A Jedi (U of T grad) whose lightsaber (degree) is guided by the Force (knowledge, passion, and everything else) need not fear the outcome of any battle. :D All the best guys!
          -Wen Cheng, Chong-

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